An Egyptian family favorite, koshary is a mixture of pastas, white rice, green lentils, and chickpeas topped with tomato sauce and deep-fried onions, and served with garlicky vinegar (da’aa) and hot sauce (shatta). Koshary can be bought at a cart (from which it may be served in a plastic bag), or from specialty koshary restaurants. Koshary joints to note include Koshary Al’udua on Kuwait Street Dokki (with fresh tomatoes on the side and the add-on option of toast or deep fried pita chips–yes, you need to add more carbs to that bowl of carbs!), Abou Tarek downtown, and the chain Koshary Tahrir. Wash it down with a cold bowl of rice pudding (ruz bil leban), and allow plenty of time for a nap.

Less than 7 LE (though usually 3) for a bowl you can’t possibly finish


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