Shebani Restaurant

My favorite of the three Yemeni Restaurants, with the most diverse menu. Climb the steep, narrow stairs to the top floor, where you’ll find blasting AC and curtains around each table to give ladies some privacy. Definitely eat the ful bil gibnea (ful with cheese–trust me), the fusulia hamara’ (spicy read beans, which you can order wet or dry), and the fakhsa (a lamb tajine). Order the sahawa’ gibnea (a spicy cheese salsa) to dip your bread into. These are two types of bread: the standard oily melawah and the dense, cracker-like temeez. You have to be patient though–most of the hot dishes come straight out of the over and are bubbling in their tajines for over ten minutes. Don’t be a fool and sacrifice your plastic spoon (or your poor tongue!) to one of them.

5-30 LE per dish


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