Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant

Simply the best food in Cairo, if you ask Maurice. (And the leftovers taste even better the second day!) Once tiny, now expanded, it’s known among expats as the ‘Uighur restaurant,’ referring to the Muslim population of Northwest China. The people who run this restaurant are not Uighur, but they serve food from the region, including homemade noodle soup and sweet lentil egg rolls. It’s a bit hard to find and out of the way, but the new metro will bring you within a ten minute walk. When most of the flavors hit Maurice’s tongue the first time, it was nearly a spiritual epiphany.

Try the noodle soup, the sautéed greens, fried tofu, and sweet and sour-like chicken. The salad with peanuts and tofu skins is also delicious, as is the Chinese standard tomato-egg. Vegetarians beware: even if you ask for dishes without meat, you may find a chunk or two of beef in your sauce. But it’s worth it. Go with a crowd so you can order up. You’ll want to try everything.

A similar Chinese restaurant is just a few doors down. The food is comparable, though not quite as good, but with lovely outdoor seating.

To get there, take the new metro to Midan el Geish. Walk towards the midan (you will pass a large, wonderful juice stand on one side of the street and a ful place on the other) and cross it. Here you will more than likely pass some scared, braying sheep in the road. When you get to the other edge of the midan, there will be a nut/sweet shop. Walk down the street so that the nut shop on your left, and you see a Mobil gas station in the distance. Turn just before the gas station, at the mint green gym. Walk down this street. Keep walking. You will cross another midan. Then you will pass an Ahly team coffee shop. Then you will start walking a bit uphill, and may or may not see some spray-painted swastikas on a wall. Keep walking (you’re almost there!), and it will be on your right.

8-25 LE per dish


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