The Virginian

If David Lynch had wanted to set a movie in Egypt, he would have picked the Virginian for all the smoky bar scenes. But more importantly, this cafe has the best scenic view of Cairo. Period. You can spend hours just watching the rows of buildings stretch on for miles while drinking beer and smoking shisha. You wouldn’t think the food was any good, either, but oh, boy would you be wrong. Incredible grilled meats, soft bread, and big, fresh salads are all worth the hilariously small charge.


2 responses to “The Virginian

  1. yes, this one is difficult to get to! but, here is what one said in an old Egypt Independent article: “To get there, head to Moqattam from the Citadel. At the top of the hill, once the buildings begin, turn right at the first intersection. Soon after, turn right again and follow the road left along a quiet street on the cliff edge. The Virginian will be on the right.”

    but, as long as you take a cab up to muqatam, someone can direct you. it is along what they will refer to as “the corniche,” but is really just a cliff.

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