Whale Bones in the Middle Of The Desert

So, you know how the Sahara used to be an ocean, like way, way long ago? Well, there are fossils in the sand–old whale bones, I mean–that are left over from when all of the water evaporated, and you can go visit them, and walk amongst them, and under the huge ribcages of really old whales. Awesome! Right?

Not really. The “open air museum” is about an hour and a half ride in an old SUV (with no shocks) from Tunis, which will probably make you nauseous. And you’ll have to go really early because pretty much all you’ll be doing is hiking in the sand with the sun shining on you for like two or three hours. And as for those impressive whale bones? Well, there is like a spinal cord or two laying in the sand, but nothing really bigger than that. And it’s hot, and you are tired, and the drinks and chips are overpriced but you will certainly pay for them because there is nothing else. And then you’ll have to get back in that SUV again to get back to Tunis. And you’ll probably get car sick.

But, there are these weird sand formations, like this one of a mediating frog.


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