Welcome in Egypt!

The land of the Pharaohs, origin of the Exodus, home to thousands of minarets, “Mother of the Universe”–

For many, Egypt is only thought of in terms of its ancient relics or its historical mosques. Visitors come from around the world to marvel at ancient temples, to laze at exclusive resorts, to take in a belly dancing show, to complain about the heat. Rarely do they stray from their tour buses and guide books.

And while the culture of tourism is interesting in its own right, Egypt offers so much more. After nine months in Egypt, we found ourselves giving advice to newcomers: where to get a suit made, where to eat the best Chinese food in the Middle East, why Port Said is a must-visit on Wednesday nights. We figured we shouldn’t lose that knowledge, so we’ve archived it all in this blog, a guide to the obscure, charming, dust covered secrets of Cairo, the Delta, and Upper Egypt.

Posts are categorized by topic, by neighborhood and, outside of Cairo, by city. We’ve also made a map. Please feel free to explore and let us know of any secrets of your own.

Ahalan wa sahalan.